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Anxiety Cat

Hey you guys,

Firstly I hope the new year is treating you well!

I just had to let you in on a little secret of mine that I’m really excited about.

The other night an idea fell into my head of something I could make for you all that I think is going to be a really useful tool for you. It really hurts me to see the same sort of questions in my ask with the same sort of pain you’re all going through- and knowing that I can only really offer a bit of advice in an ask to not even half of you. So I’m super DOOPER excited that I am going to be able to give you guys a little something something and be able to help you out SO MUCH more. 

That’s all for now- it’s in its baby stages of life so when there’s goss to tell you I’ll let you know!

Just had to share because I’m SO excited! I think you’ll dig. ;)


~~Anxiety Cat! xxxxxx

blog advertising is good for you