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Anxiety Cat

When medication is not handy- continued!

  1. As something that helped me with my anxiety before I was on medication, there are videos of just going through clouds with ambient music all over the Internet. Just staring into those made me feel like I wasn’t in my body or anything, and kinda help me get my mind off of things. Visualizing it that while trying to sleep helped, too. Hope this somewhat helps.
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    re: the panic attack - also, make tea!
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    Just putting in my two cents here for the last anon but for my anxiety I find if I change my tapes it helps a lot. For example, if I’m freaking out about having cancer or something I just change my thinking and keep repeating to myself that I don’t have cancer. The longer you repeat it and really start to think about what you’re worrying about the more calm you should get.
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      Something that helps me when I’m feeling anxious is to make chamomile tea — it is genuinely soothing
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      To the anon having anxiety… I find that I have to either move around (go for a walk, play a physical game on the Wii, etc) or I have to find a safe spot and just breathe. I know those things are opposite but somehow I have myself trained to know which I require to calm me down at the time. Lord knows I’ve had enough practice in trying to figure out what works. Hope you find some peace anon. :)
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    Last night, the medication was not enough, so I used the “Simply Being” app on my phone, which is some guided relaxation...
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