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Anonymous asked: I think a personal blog would be a great idea--the resources on this blog have always been helpful, as have your personal stories been. This is a thank you for running this blog too--for a long time, I couldn't afford treatment and the content on this blog has helped me feel not so crazy through that time. So, thank you <3

This is seriously the most wonderful thing to hear. Thank you for the message (and to all of you who have responded to my post! I’ll create the blog as soon as I can!). You’ve warmed my heart xx

leave-my-feelings-behind asked: Hi there, I'm an admin on a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with all sorts of issues ranging from self harm to eating disorders to relationship and sexuality issues. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather then this (my personal) Thanks in advance, Kyla

Check it out folks :)

I was just wondering..

If any of you would be interested in me starting a more personal blog of my anxiety experiences? I often find I have a lot of things to say on this blog yet hold back because it is in essence a meme tumblr. Having said that, I do feel that as someone with such a big audience who has some (hopefully) useful things to share about this ol’ mental health journey, I should be doing more to help anyone that I can reach.

So yeah! If this intrigues you/ sounds like a useful tool that you’d chuck a sick follow, drop a message in my ask box and let me know. If I don’t get any then I’ll go back to picking my nose!

Luuuuuuurve always,
~the creator of Anxiety Cat xx


I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

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Anxiety Cat has an instagram now!

Admittedly it’s kind of difficult to use without thumbs, I’m getting the hang of it though.

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Online friends. The best kind.

A little reminder;

You are so strong, talented, beautiful, and deeply loved. You deserve all the good things that your life has to offer you. Be kind to yourself today and give yourself what you need.

~~anxiety cat xxx

blog advertising is good for you