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Anxiety Cat

Anonymous asked: Do you have any suggestions of jobs for people with anxiety? I'm 19, can't go to college because of my anxiety, I was homeschooled in High School and I just want to make money and work but my anxiety is hindering me :(

Hmmm not really sure on this one, my love… The only advice I can offer is this. Retail jobs may seem like hell, but believe me when I say a good retail job can actually do wonders for your anxiety. ANY job is going to be scary at first. But when you get good at retail you find yourself feeling so much more capable to talk to people, and people from all walks of life! It lets you get comfortable with that scripted sort of conversation, and whilst that may not seem like a worthwhile skill to have, I’d argue it is invaluable. Before I learnt it I couldn’t even talk to a bus driver without getting the ol’ nervous sweats. Now that I’ve got the pleasant superficial chats skill under my belt though I can at least go out and have a nice day in the world without obsessively avoiding all possible human interactions.

Try and find somewhere that isn’t hella busy so you won’t be constantly under the pump. Somewhere even that you might get some time to yourself. The main thing is though that you just have to push yourself to a reasonable degree. You have to sort of decide that fuck it, I’ll start this god damned job search and I won’t stop until I’m wearing some swish new shoes!! Don’t expect it to be easy, because it WILL challenge you. You are more than capable to be a superstar though, the only one who would tell you otherwise is yourself. And down the track when you do leave your first job you will have come so far from where you are now, in ways you couldn’t predict yet are so thankful for. You honestly have nothing to lose and everything to gain from giving the job search a crack- put your foot out there, see what job feels right, and I trust that you end up somewhere awesome with lots of hot customers.

Good luck!

~~Anxiety cat xxxx

Anonymous asked: I have a new job and like I'm trained but I forgot a thing they told me and I'm too scared to ask and that on top of the socializing, I'm so fucking scared and like I'm gonna fuck up and let everyone down and I need to throw up, can time please stop.

Hey now, I’m pretty much in the exact same situation at the moment. Sooo much anxiety, gosh darn new jobs are hard. As far as asking questions goes though love, you’ll save yourself so much more stress down the line if you just ask them now, and trust me- employers love it when new staff are asking questions! It shows you give a shit! And I know socializing is hard, perhaps for now though just focus on yourself and the work. Be friendly, start conversations and introduce yourself on days you’re feeling like you can rock it, and it’ll all fall into place in good time. I believe in you! We can do this!! xx

Anonymous asked: Are you a guy or girl?

Anonymous asked: how old are you my hero ?

I’m 20! And my birthday is in two months and 6 days… (over excited hmm hmmm)

phobiasatthemovies asked: Hello! My wife suffers from Emetophobia (fear of vomit) and together we created a new no spoiler movie site that gives people with phobias (spiders,snakes,clowns,puppets,dolls,vomit,needles,dentist,blood) the ability to watch movies without fear. We give you the when, how graphic and the duration of each scene that occurs in each movie. We have 1500 in our database and screen theater movies every Friday!

that is ding dang cool


shitty lining and shitty colouring job but I drew one for the bae


shitty lining and shitty colouring job but I drew one for the bae

surpriseforj asked: Hi! Can you and your followers do me a favor? My friend/crush is going through a rough time and gets stuck in his head/overthinks a lot. If y'all can submit a positive message for him it would mean a lot. The blog is a surprise. Thanks so much! =)

Go, my warriors of positivity. Fly.

Always be practicin’ your positive self talk.


Because TRUUUUUUST ME- this is a lesson that I have learnt the hard way! No one else is going to be your biggest fan, cheerleader, or source of praise and encouragement. You have to be this person for yourself! You have to sing your own theme song, pull your multi-coloured toe socks up, and get out into the big brave world where you belong!

Yup, that’s right. Where you belong. (surprise surprise- you were not actually put on earth to sit in your bedroom and scroll tumblr all day. it sucks, I know.)

You have a story to tell, gifts to share, and folks from far and wide to enchant. KNOW that you are a badass soul whos got shit to achieve, baby. KNOW that you deserve to take up space. KNOW that you’re one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

And be ding-dang kind to yourself. You honestly have to be your own best friend! Would you talk to your BFF the way that you do to you? (Cliche sentence yet holy smokes does it ring true.)

Remember when you’re doing well to recognise that, and tell yourself that today you kicked butt. Reward ice cream for you. Recognise when you didn’t do so well today, and don’t just beat yourself up about it. Consider the causes of your little step backwards, think about how you can prevent it happening again, write down what you’ve learned from the experience, and try again tomorrow. Look after yourself after your shitty day, give yourself some much needed TLC. You’ve never done a ‘bad’ enough thing that makes you not deserving of being loved and nurtured. So give that to you.

Communication is always something to work on, especially our inner talk. It can make or break us, ultimately, and its never too early or too late to analyse how your most important relationship (the relationship with YOU!) is going.

"Your thoughts will inevitably bring you either failure or success, according to which thought is strongest. Therefore, you must thoroughly believe in your own plans, use your talents to carry them out, and be receptive so that God can work through you."- Paramhansa Yogananda

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